MITRC Engineering College

Events & Gallery

In the engineering college life first of all you start getting knowledge of different subjects, different theories. Your outlook start expanding. But of course you have lot many questions like what am I to do on completion of engineering, what kind of jobs are there, what way qualified engineer will be different, what future, how much you will earn etc. still you have no exposure to industry.

Technical events like exhibitions, seminars, workshops by senior experts in various subjects give more ideas. It expand your thinking. It is said that thinking power when stretched does not come back to original state. More you grasp more you learn. Such events give you lot of new knowledge. Certain learning can influence you to change.

There is vast gap in education and actual skills required in industry. Knowledge gained in technical events make you smarter and is useful for interviews at later date. It give you more information on career options thereby expand your choice. Interactive workshops give you opportunities to express yourself, enhance communication skills, open up leadership qualities.

It is not only engineering knowledge but smartness, communication quality, public speaking skills, influential interactions are equally important to succeed in life.

In our opinion exposure to behavior science is a must before you enter actual adult life. In a long way this teach you flexibility in thinking and interest to positive life.

So we organize several events for students and faculty development.