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As technology and management continue to play a crucial role in society, industries, and human life, B.TECH/M.TECH/MBA has become a popular career choice for many students. The rise of specialized emerging areas such as Full Stack development, Micro Services, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, Machine Learning, IOT, Robotics, Electric Vehicle, Semiconductor Technologies, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Multi Language Processing, Image Processing, Space Technologies, Vision AI, and the use of various AI Tools like Chat GPT, Gemini, Generative AI, Vertex, Lang Chain Framework, etc. has significantly increased the demand for technical courses like B.Tech in Emerging areas and M.Tech Specialization in Emerging Courses. In response to this growing demand, MITRC has introduced new courses on Emerging Areas. These programs have been designed to cater to the career aspirations of students and meet the demands of industries, society, and various stakeholders such as Alumni, Parents, Students, Researchers, and Innovators.

Total UG Programs Approved by AICTE :08

Total PG Programs Approved by AICTE :03

As the recent technology market like AI, ML is growing rapidly, so as per demand of industries and market, we also applied the approval process for new course: B.Tech in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning & B.Tech in Artificial Intelligence & Data Science.

Name of ProgramProgram TypeIntakeDurationCourseDiscipline
Bachelor of Technology in Artificial Intelligence & Data Science (UG)UG604 YearsDegree Course-EducationData Science-Discipline
Bachelor of Technology Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (UG)UG604 YearsDegree Course-EducationArtificial Intelligence-Discipline
Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science Engineering (UG)UG1204 YearsDegree Course-EducationComputer Engineering-Discipline
Bachelor of Technology in Civil Engineering (UG)UG904 YearsDegree Course-EducationCivil Engineering-Discipline
Bachelor of Technology in Electrical Engineering (UG)UG304 YearsDegree Course-EducationElectrical Engineering-Discipline
Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering (UG)UG304 YearsDegree Course-EducationMechanical Engineering-Discipline
Master of Technology in Computer SciencePG182 YearsDegree Course-EducationMechanical Engineering-Discipline
Master of Technology in Production EngineeringPG182 YearsDegree Course-EducationComputer Science -Discipline
M.BA in HR/Finance/MarketingPG602 YearsDual Degree Course-EducationManagement Studies -Discipline